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We align ourselves with your objectives,
offering you independent advice to support the professional management of your wealth

Who this is for

Our clientele is made up of individuals, family groups and businesses that seek reliability and independence in the management and planning of their wealth.

esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero independiente madrid donostia san sebastian españa PARA QUIEN TITULOS


We accompany our clients in making investment decisions.

We rely on our experience, knowledge and technology to plan and achieve the profitability objectives set.

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esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero independiente madrid donostia san sebastian españa PARA QUIEN TITULOS


We understand the history and particular characteristics of each family office and incorporate it into the financial advice they need.

We have in-depth knowledge of the financial needs and concerns of family groups, thanks to our experience and responsibility in managing various family groups.

esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero independiente madrid donostia san sebastian españa PARA QUIEN TITULOS


We have our own experience in the development of business projects in various sectors (security, textile, financial, sports, hotels and so on) which we place at the service of financial advice to businesses.

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Our services

Our own experience gives us a strong knowledge of the needs and objectives of our clients, which allows us to answer their concerns and meet their financial objectives more efficiently.

We also believe that our advice avoids duplication and unnecessary expenses.

As a sign of trust and transparency, the assets of our partners are invested in the same services that we recommend.

Esferalia Capital Madrid y San Sebastian Gestion y planificacion Profesional de Patrimonio

Life situation analysis

Strategic Equity and Financial Planning

Goal Setting

Esferalia Capital Asesoramiento Financiero Independiente

Personalised portfolio analysis

Identification of investment opportunities and vehicles

Cost optimisation with the financial institution

Advice for each need/phase

Search for funding

Simultaneous work with up to 20 financial entities

Esferalia Capital Madrid y San Sebastian Asesores Financieros

Monthly control and monitoring

Direct dialogue

Supervision of specific managers for each type of asset

Detailed study of all funds

Collaboration and communication with the tax advisor


independencia y seguridad esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero madrid MODELO 1 INDEPENDENCIAINDEPENDENCE

100% of our income comes from our clients, which eliminates any conflict of interest.

 Financial advice in accordance with the regulatory framework of the European MiFID Directive. Authorised and supervised by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) with registration number 38.

control de riesgos esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero madrid MODELO 2 CONTROLRISK

We assume the risk standard set individually for each client to achieve their objectives.

optimizacion fiscal inteligente esferalia capital asesoramiento financiero empresas particulares MODELO 3 OPTIMIZACIÓNSMART TAX

We consider the effect of taxation as a way of aligning with the objectives and providing greater value to our clients.

We work as a team with the tax advisers of our clients.

Model. Process

We put our client at the centre, to get to know them well and to be able to offer them an investment policy based on their needs and objectives.
We remain close to you to accompany you in every vital need that may affect your investment.
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Our team recommends a selection of the most inspiring and useful books on finance for you.